The Philippine Center

The Philippine Center in San Francisco is composed of two adjoining buildings located on Sutter Street, a block away from prestigious Union Square and within a mile of San Francisco's financial district.

The six-story 445 Sutter building was built in 1911 by Architect Fred Meyer and encompasses a total floor area of 34, 161 square feet. The building on 447 Sutter was

built by the same architect in 1916. It boasts eight stories and a penthouse, with a total floor area of 44,129 square feet. Because of their extensive history, the City of San Francisco has defined the Philippine Center Buildings as historical landmarks in San Francisco.


The buildings were purchased by the Philippine government in 1974 and are managed by the Philippine Center Management Board. It is the mission of the Center to:

- Nurture, promote and propagate Philippine culture
- Promote investments to the Philippines
- Expand the foreign market for Philippine products
- Encourage foreign tourists to visit the Philippines
- Enhance the image of the Philippines



Mar 24, 2011

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