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Office Space Leasing

The Philippine Center Management Board (PCMB), was incorporated under California laws in 1974 to manage the two buildings owned by the Philippine Government along Sutter Sreet in San Francisco. It is also tasked to assist the government in promoting and expanding Philippine trade, investment, culture and tourism as well to promote assistance to Filipino nationals.

The Philippine Center houses the Philippine Consuslate General and other government agencies and leases other office spaces to various companies engaged in banking, travel and tourism, art gallery, health related services, and other services.

Over the years, the Philippine Center has supported many projects of the Philippine Consulate and other government agencies in expanding Philippine trade tourism, cultural and consulate projects. Among theses projects is a common web site for US Posts and Production of Philippine Community Resource List.

Leasing Opportunities

The Philippine Center has about 60,000 sq. ft. of rentable space and enjoys 79% occupancy. The corporation has also recorded remarkable income from its leasing operations annually. This has enabled PCMB to implement various retrofitting and improvement projects for its facilities, making them more desireable and competitive in the office leasing market.

Marketing activities are being undertaken to attract more tenants in the building. A commercial broker has also been engaged to look for new renters. Rentable spaces are available in varying sizes and areas, from a small room with an area of a little more than 100 sq. feet to an entire floor with around 10,000 sq. ft. The rate per sq. foot is $2.50 per sq. ft. per month except for the retail spaces at the ground floor, which are priced reasonably higher.

Posts are requested to assist the PCMB in attracting businessmen and other potential tenants to open their offices in the Philippine Center.